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About, the number 1 Axie Infinity Player Analytics Tracker, offers tools & resources that allow players & guild managers to increase their income & boost ROI.

With a community of over 120,000 users, including 20,000 Monthly Active Users, and a friendly Twitter following of 1,000, is one of the best utilities for Axie Infinity Game.

Key Metrics Achieved

Attracted 1000 gamer submissions increasing their usual form responses to an all-time high.

Form submission
Twitter Followers
Twitter Post Engagement

Choosing TypeGo was like finding the missing piece in our revenue puzzle. Their insights and collaborative energy didn't just uncover our monetization potential; they turned it into a success story.  

Grateful for a partnership that feels genuinely impactful! 🧩🚀

Founder / CEO
The Challenges

With a vast user base lacking detailed profiles, engagement rates were proved harder then usual. Armed with only wallet addresses, conventional outreach methods were made impossible.


Uncertainty loomed over whether Twitter followers were actual platform users. We aimed to transform Twitter into a lead generation medium.


As a gaming-focused organisation, Axies.IO faced restricted monetization avenues. The challenge was to understand their community, optimise methods, and generate more revenue.

after firebond
Dec 2023

This game-changing giveaway reached new heights with an impressive 500 gamer survey responses and a thrilling 20% boost in Twitter followers. Twitter engagement soared to 10.5k Views, 429 Retweets, and 504 likes.

Most significantly, this initiative led to the re-engagement of paying customers, showcasing its profound impact across various fronts.

Deep User

Using Firebond AI, we successfully mapped 5% of their user base, translating to 2,500 profiles connected from wallet addresses to their Twitter handles and emails within a few weeks.

Increase In

During this period, the total number of form submissions witnessed a significant surge. The giveaway broke records, boosting survey responses and increasing Twitter followers by 20%, with 450 retweets and 500 likes on the post. Users expressed their feedback, and product improvements which was key for product and user acquisition and monetization.


Axie personalised emails and messages based on user gaming needs, resulting in a revenue increase of 8%.

We kicked ass for Axies.IO
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